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What we’re about

Practical meditation, breathwork, & trauma sensitive mindfulness for professionals. Training, guided practice sessions, skill building workshops, networking, & fun events for professionals, organizations, and the general public. Based in the Greater Seattle Area, doing programs worldwide, in person & online. Instructed by me, Jason Dean, a Certified & Experienced Instructor. These sessions dynamically range from being offered for free, donation, paid, trade, & for network building.

  • Please reach out to me directly if you're interested in me coming to do a training/session with your organization, collaboration, event or private session.
  • If you know an organization or person(s) that could benefit, kindly introduce me to them in an email, linkedin, or text (whatsapp, sms, imessage) & link my website. Greatly appreciated!

You receive in person, online video calls, & digital content options, centered around a range of simple foundational techniques, to live a happier, empowered life (mental, emotional, physical, social, & spiritual well-being), both in and outside the workplace. Focused on:

  1. Professional & Organizational Training
  2. Private Sessions (1:1, groups, couples)
  3. Public Events, Fun & Networking

Lead by Jason T. Dean (Aware4All)*, Certified Breathwork, Meditation & Trauma Sensitive Mindfulness Instructor. See my Testimonials, Credentials, & Guided Practice Videos (Meditation, Breathwork, & Trauma Sensitive Mindfulness).

  • I make effort to infuse my unique personality, honesty, skills & detail orient into my teachings, view meditation as a skillset everyone can develop, and I'm just here to share. I am a facilitator, not by any means some great master. I'm very passionate about my personal practice, love teaching what I know, and practicing together.

My goal is to provide you with what you need without ever having to see me again; leaving you with 1-3 practical meditation & breathwork skills that positively impact you for a lifetime in & outside the workplace. Whether its one session, a series of classes, event, digital content, etc. (of course, I’m generally happy to continue meeting, deepening your learning/skills, build a positive community, practice together, do continuing professional development, etc.).

This group is meant to benefit your everyday life, benefit professional development, skills & workplace wellness, and it's an invitation to use these practices however you see fit — i.e.  for simple stress relief (among other physical/mental benefits), improve productivity, bond in a relationship, release emotional blockages, have some fun, or for deep, personal/spiritual development.

I have benefited greatly from these techniques both in my personal & professional life, want to share this wealth of knowledge, & understand professionals & the general community alike are greatly in need of everyday things they can do to be efficient, relieve stress, achieve goals, have healthier relationships, and potentially discover deeper places in themselves, depending how deep you want to go. Its your choice.

Feel free to reach out, make a custom request, or schedule a consultation.
Otherwise lookout for and join an event sometime!

Contact Info:

  • Jason Dean (Aware4All)
  • Phone: 253-218-9024 (whatsapp available too)
  • Email:
  • IG: Aware4All