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5 Day Meditation Retreat 7-12 Feb 2017

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Hosted By
Amanda S. and Jay S.


If you'd like to attend selected days-

Attending the full retreat is always best, however: If you have retreat experience, we've now opened the possibility of attending selected days during this 5 day retreat, with rate $70 per day. Please contact Amanda if something would fit your schedule. (

Retreat is an opportunity to take a journey, an inward journey in the purifying waters of simplicity and attention. Being with what is... a gentle coming to awareness.

We offer a daily schedule that supports continued deep, silent meditation and includes several awesome extras, like Qi gong with Amanda, daily.

Everything is optional & you are encouraged to find what works for you.

We find being close to nature; the space of trees, birds, woods sounds and surroundings is helpful. Being together with others of similar intention and interest in clarity, makes for a palpable pool of energy all can tap into during retreat.

The retreat schedule is timed (bells) so the mind can take a rest from decisions and planning, making for immersion in a relaxed, energetic atmosphere.

A wide variety of meditation postures are supported: chairs, benches, cross-legged, half lotus, seiza, standing meditation, walking meditation and others including lying down meditation, for those stressed, healing or in need of deep rest.

We ask everyone to participate once a day in a retreat job. (such as kitchen food prep, cleaning or tidying, wood fire tending, etc.)

For more information about retreat schedule, and activities,
or to register for retreat,
Email Amanda:
or phone 585-278-0080

Limited to 16 spaces
Sliding scale $340 - 450.
Paid in advance or $100 deposit to register.

Meditation and Awakening Soquel / Santa Cruz
Meditation and Awakening Soquel / Santa Cruz
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19315 Chase Rd, Los Gatos, CA 95033 · Los Gatos, CA
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