What we're about

Now more than ever, living in this fast-paced world, there is a collective yearning for inner peace, a craving for deeper connection, an unquenchable desire to slow down, and many people want to experience the benefits of meditation to achieve much needed balance in life. This group is an invitation for just that.

These classes give you an opportunity to pause, breathe, meditate, and be in the company of like-minded individuals who also want to learn how to develop a consistent meditation practice, and feel confident in doing so.

Meditation offers tremendous benefit, from increased mental clarity and focus, decreased stress and anxiety, improved communication, healthier relationships, enhanced intuition, better decision-making skills, improved sleep, weight loss, clear skin, strong immune system, the list goes on.

Through a group experiential process, you'll learn the basic skills of starting or strengthening your personal meditation practice and explore various breath, mantra, visualization, mindfulness, and meditation techniques so you can find what works best for your unique preference and lifestyle. Discover how to easily incorporate a consistent practice that you can not only rely on in times of stress but that'll positively enhance your life on a daily basis.

Whether you're experienced or just getting started, there's something for you to learn! Welcome! :)

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