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Change & Transform - your body, mind, health, love, wealth
This workshop is designed to help you learn about, and delve even deeper into using the power of own mind, thoughts and emotions, and create your own messages for desired transformation. This mind transformation program and practices have evolved out of the dire personal life situation, to survive/prolong life, restore body's immunity, regrow missing/damaged body parts, and transform thoughts, emotions, life and health to desired and most beneficial future, and it is still being improved and worked on. This workshop is designed to truly challenge you to master your energy, thoughts, emotions, habits, your environment, and your destiny and teach you simple and yet powerful processes to rewire neurotransmitters in your brain, and create new better living conditions. Designed for small group of 25 mind avatars, to ensure each person receives the most of what they need to transform and create better health, life, love, success... By donation, as you can afford: $9+, $30+, $60+, or $90 Mind Avatars with the donation of: 1.) above $30+ will get free workbook, CD with daily meditations, and list of free tools used for transforming life and health, included in their donation; 2.) $60+ will get the same plus Group Hypnosis Session To Transform Life on January 29th 2019; 3.) $90+ same as 1+2, plus Private Hypnosis Session of 60 minutes, to address change, transformation, healing, love, career, success, at mutual convenient time, not later then January 31st 2019,... or any personal positive humane goal of choice to create and attract to life/body. COMPLIMENTARY: Natural lemonade, organic herbal teas, mixed organic fruit and low temperature dehydrated crackers and kale chips.

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What we're about

If you practice or have interest in MEDITATION, QIGONG, TAI CHI, YOGA, MINDFULNESS, VISUALIZATION..., join us, share your knowledge, learn new techniques and practice in a group setting.

We want to introduce to and bring people together for regular meditation, qigong, tai chi ... - conscious practice. Non-denominational and inclusive, scheduled meetings are an opportunity to learn techniques from members and visiting guests with prior experience/established practice.

Often, meetings end with spontaneous and stimulating discussions on spiritual traditions, as well as academic disciplines - particularly philosophy and other humanistic fields.

The entire content of our website is based upon the opinions and personal practices of Ela, Yendre and research of world leaders in health, healing, quantum physics, energy healing, mind power, and plant based nutrition. The information on this website is intended to motivate and inspire you to learn more and research and/or practice new knowledge and new living and thinking habits. It is intended to share knowledge, information, research and experiences of Ela and her Body Mind Soul Healing Community.
It is not intended to replace a one-on-one relationship with a qualified health care professional and is not intended as medical advice.
Ela encourages you to make your own life and health care decisions based upon your research, intuition, and in partnership with a qualified health care professionals and a coach.
Statements, information and opinions on our web sites have not been evaluated by the Health Canada and Food and Drug Administration. Our opinions, statements and educational material is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. It is your life and you are solely responsible for your decisions and actions. Research well, and act with ultimate consciousness and self responsibility.

If you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication, or have a medical condition, consult your physician before using any information or workshops we and this group offer.

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