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Way of Mindfulness Meditation

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Our Weekly Silent Evening Meditation is held every Sunday from 6 pm.-8 p.m.
What to know and do at the meeting

We begin with the bow of gratitude and respect to the Buddha, the man, teacher who discovered this path of the practice. We are fortunate to have an opportunity to learn from his teachings. "TO DO THIS BOW DOES NOT MEAN YOU ARE BUDDHIST OR YOU TAKE REFUGE IN BUDDHISM." It is a traditional way of showing our respect and greeting. Feel free to follow and you don't have to do if you don't want. We bow to everyone present with the bow of mindfulness.

*Please keep your cell phone on vibrate mode or turn it off (the best).
*You will be expected to meditate without instruction for 25-30 minutes for each session.
*Welcome message from ArjahnSarayut.
*ArjahnSarayut leads the meditation practice (sitting and walking).
*We do the sitting first, then walking, and close with another sitting session.
*Dhamma talk on advanced meditation by ArjahnSarayut.
*The evening meditation ends at 8:00 pm.

***The temple is the place of worship please avoid wearing too short pants.
***We normally sit on the floor with cushions, sitting on chairs is optional.

Come and join us to discover a peacefulness in your own mind with the practice of being mindful. You are welcome to bring your friends with you.

May you be well, happy, and mindful,
Arjahn Sarayut Arnanta

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