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There's an incredible transformation taking place in Medicine right now, and this group is focused on the design, development and implementation of innovation -- technological, systems and operational -- directly at healthcare professionals. And we want to create a community that is in the lead!
The current roles and responsibilities, inter- dependencies and ways of working between physicians, nurses, pharmacists and other healthcare professionals are being challenged and there will need to be careful consideration of the way software, systems, products and services are designed in support of optimizing interactions towards patient care. We also want to help healthcare professionals who want to be entrepreneurs and help medical innovators get into the market.

This Meetup will facilitate innovation-generating activities, explore new frameworks for product design, and support innovation activities among its members. We will examine issues such as interaction design in professional workflow, user experience management in health care delivery, social network analysis to learn about HCP working relationships, communication, collaboration, cooperation and control.

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Healthcare Professionals Role in Consumer Health 2.0 Adoption

At a Health 2.0 NYC Meetup in August, Todd Park CIO of the US Department of Health and Human Services said that physicians will likely end up as a major influence and distribution system for consumer Health 2.0 adoption. Does this mean that doctors and other clinical healthcare professionals will have their 'favorite adherence tool", "preferred diabetes tracker" or "recommended weight loss app"? This Meetup will explore the changing roles of physicians in face of consumer technology and new frameworks, skills sets and information services that may be required.

Turning Ideas into Things...
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If you are a healthcare professional, have you seen a product or business opportunity in your world? Even if you haven't, have you caught entrepreneurial fever anyway? This Meetup will be scheduled every two months to give you a chance to present your current challenges - getting started, design, prototyping, market testing, development, marketing, product adoption, sales - and get some help from others. This may not work out the way I imagine, but taking a playbook from the academic community, lets try and support and encourage each other, even if we are playing in the same space. We will create a brief Q&A for you to fill out and submit in advance to a small group I will be recruiting to serve as advisors to our Meetup. It will be shared with the participants at the Meetup and all the participants will be there to help you make your vision a reality.

Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Software in Medicine

AI in healthcare has been at the peak of inflated expectations and in the trough of disillusionment. As a research tool there have been a few successes with AI analytics, but the success of IBM's Watson has reinvigorated interests in AI for patient care. However, beyond the research value to healthcare payers and the media value to IBM, the clinical use case remains unclear. This Meetup will explore ways in which other fields -- like the Department of Defense -- have adopted intelligent software agents -- and some of the challenges to doing this in healthcare.

Innovation Lab 1: Disease Day! Drilling Down To Find the Big Idea

This Meetup will focus on innovation and entrepreneurship for specific conditions and disease entities. Run similar to an "improv" session, these interactive sessions will ask participants to suggest a chronic or acute condition and provide the group with a brief overview of a challenge to care at any level of the human system from molecular to organ system to community to global ecosystem. The Meetup will be a facilitated discussion of understanding the condition(s) from the perspective of systems theory.

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