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Monte Cooke's City by the Spire (D&D 5e) with Kenny

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Jon T. and Kenny K.
Monte Cooke's City by the Spire (D&D 5e) with Kenny


Join Kenny in a D&D 5e adventure of danger, exploration, and intrigue set in the wonderous world of Ptolus by Monte Cook.

Welcome to Ptolus. A city of mysteries, secrets, and dark histories that lies forever in the shadow of a towering stone spire reaching impossibly high into the sky. The enigmatic spire presents an ever-present source of danger and wealth to all who live in the city. The spire is further complimented by the seemly endless network of ancient dungeons that spread like evil roots from underneath it. Adventurers from across the Empire have been drawn by the promise of danger, challenge, and riches presented by the Spire and its surroundings. Will you be the first to safely navigate the winding city streets, explore the dark dungeons beneath, and finally ascend the spire to discover what secrets it holds? Or will you fall to rival adventurers, dark creatures, and the ancient evil of the Spire?
This is a Free Session 0 to establish the setting and desire of the players. The actual runtime of the campaign is expected to be 5 weeks beginning the following Friday (April 14, 2023) at 6pm. Each session is expected to last 2 hours.

Please note, the campaign is $65 per person to play - this covers all scheduled sessions. Your DM is compensated for their time. You'll have access to a clean play space, a great game library of hundreds of games (before or after your adventure), and a fun time!

Please note that Meeple Movers uses the Monte Cook RPG Consent Checklist (see link in comments) so that all players can expect a fun time.

Due to us being a registered food establishment, please do not bring outside food or drinks. We have sodas (craft and common), tea (hot and cold), water (sparkling and flat), and coffee (leaded and unleaded) available. We also have a selection of gourmet treats for you to try. We plan to expand the menu as fast as we can with beer & wine, as well as more hearty fare.

See you at the table!

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