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It's sometimes hard to see it, but good things happen all around us and they happen to us: a sick person gets miraculously healed, money comes in when we need it most, a job opportunity that we thought impossible opens up, etc. We’ve seen supernatural intervention in the small things, the big things, even in the impossible things. Sharing testimonies of goodness inspires us and builds our hope when we’re facing tough situations.

As women, often times we comfort each other by sharing our stories of grief and trials. You say, “I know how you feel. I can empathize (or sympathize, as the case may be). I’ve been there done that. I know it must be so awful.” While it is beautiful to support one another, build a safe, and nurturing relationship, sometimes, in an effort to support through empathy, we can wind up coddling. By doing this we put a warm, cozy blanket on dysfunction and tuck it into a bed of depression. When this happens, everyone walks away feeling like crap.

Can you relate?

If so, then come hang out with us. Coffee Talk & Testimonies is 1-½ hours of solid goodness. It’s a time for women to come together to share stories of supernatural shifting; when God answered a prayer or did something unexpected that totally changed everything. We share stories of breakthrough in finances, relationships, health, employment, you name it. And we soak in all the goodness and leave feeling encouraged and hopeful.

The word testimony in Hebrew means “do it again.” We believe that when we share these stories of goodness, it shifts the atmosphere and increases our faith for it to happen again. If it happened for you it can happen for me. (And it does!)

To be clear, this is what Coffee Talk & Testimonies ISN’T:

A gripe session

A gossip session

Free counseling

A place to share your whole life story

A religious group

A platform for arguing religion or politics

A prayer meeting

A bible study

Anything that doesn’t line up with what it is...

And this is what Coffee Talk & Testimonies IS:

A place for women (of all ages and all backgrounds) who want to encourage one another through the power of the testimony of God’s goodness.

A gathering of women who adhere to the core values of encouragement, edification (uplift), love, honor, respect, and fun. (If it isn’t fun, I don’t wanna do it?!)

Coffee Talk & Testimonies meets on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month from 9-10:30am at Panera Bread, 401 Vista Village Drive, Vista 92083

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Coffee Talk and Testimonies

Panera Bread

Coffee Talk and Tesimonies

Panera Bread

Coffee Talk and Tesimonies

Panera Bread

Coffee Talk and Tesimonies

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