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My name is Jeremy and this Meetup is about what I see is possible in the design of communication platforms. Inspired both by practices of intentional/conscious communication and a tech savvy creativity, we will engage in conversations about what it takes to bootstrap wisdom to impact public decision making. I believe that any conflict can be resolved by being in communication - and any future can likewise be created. Weather it's blockchain or something else, there are ways the design of technology can assist us in creating infrastructure that supports this.

I’m particularly inspired by the vision of “father of virtual reality” Jaron Lanier, as found in his book Who Owns the Future? who writes about the creation of a Humanistic Information Economy, a path towards reclaiming democratic society and reversing inequality, even while more of the world economy becomes mediated by software. I invite you to read this and/or watch some of his interview online. I come to the table with a well gestated set of ideas which I’m composing into a business plan. I’m trust our conversations will sharpen all of our perspectives.

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