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Atlanta Jewish Singles was started on 6/22/2018 and is the fastest growing Atlanta area Meetup group for Jewish Singles! We are open to ALL ages and meet together for a variety of social events - dinners, happy hours, museums, hikes, concerts, sporting events - any activities found to be interesting to any segment of the group! We'll also do some Shabbat dinners, synagogue visits, as well as celebrating some of the Jewish Holidays together.

Why another Jewish Meetup group? The NEW Atlanta Jewish Singles is a different kind of group and was formed based on feedback from members of a number of other groups:

• We are open to Jewish singles of ALL ages. We will plan events for Jewish singles regardless of age... as long as you are at least 21 and under 120! As we grow, more organizers will be added to represent the various age segments within the group, and some events may have a targeted age range while still remaining open to all.

• In most cases, any planned events will be held regardless of the number of RSVPs - whether it's 2 people or 200 people. Only in extreme circumstances (such as a venue closing or severe weather) will a planned event be cancelled.

• Any fees charged at an event hosted by Atlanta Jewish Singles will be only those charged by the venue, or minimal direct organizer expenses related to planning the event. This group is not-for-profit and any excess funds will be donated to local non-profit Jewish organizations. Funds will never be used for organizer personal expenses.

(The Meetup "Chip In" link can be used if you wish to help offset the monthly fees that Atlanta Jewish Singles pays to Meetup.com - any excess funds will be donated on a quarterly basis.)

JUST A FEW RULES (these should be common sense for most...)

• Please RSVP to any Atlanta Jewish Singles event you plan to come to - if your plans later change, be sure to cancel your RSVP as soon as possible since some events will require a head count. Failure to provide an update on multiple occasions ("no-show") may result in expulsion form the group. In most cases, you can RSVP for yourself only. If you have additional people who want to come to the event, you can either have them sign up for the group and RSVP on their own, or you can contact the organizers with a request to add them as guests.

--- (Updated 12/12/2018) - It is unfair to other members to grab a spot for a limited attendance event as soon as it is announced to hold a spot and then cancel at the last minute for no valid reason. Those who repeatedly do this are subject to being moved to the Waitlist (if there is one) to allow others to RSVP. If there is still space at the time of the event, they will be allowed to come. We understand that things come up and you may have to cancel on occasion, but certain members have done this numerous times.

• This group is designed for Jewish Singles. If you are not Jewish, please don't join (unless you are in the process of converting.) At dinners or events in homes, please do not bring non-Jewish friends (if you are in a serious relationship with a non-Jew, you are allowed to come, but why would they want to come to a Jewish singles event?) For large public events (concerts, sporting events, etc,) we'll make an exception if you have a non-Jewish friend you want to enjoy the event with, and in some cases may even invite former members who are now married.

• As the name implies, this group is designed for Jewish Singles in the Atlanta area. If you live elsewhere but visit Atlanta on a regular basis, you are welcome to join. If you are considering moving to Atlanta, you are also welcome to join. In both cases, it would be helpful if you sent a courtesy message to the organizers when you request to sign up so that your situation is understood - otherwise you may be denied.

• Atlanta Jewish Singles is a SINGLES group - if you are married and your spouse is out of town, you are NOT single! If you are still married and living together, but you are planning on getting divorced, you are NOT single! If you are legally separated, you are welcome to come as long as your divorce is imminent and you disclose it to anyone you have an extended interaction with. If you are engaged or in a serious relationship, you are still welcome to attend events together, but don't complain to the organizers that someone was "hitting" on your partner! If you are married and were previously a member of the group (or a predecessor group), you are welcome to come to the larger public events.

• The MEETUP Messaging function is available to exchange messages with people you meet at an event. It is not there for introducing yourself to those you have not met! On rare occasions, someone may suggest you contact another member for one reason or another - that is acceptable. But sending bulk messages to multiple members for any reason is not allowed. Sending unsolicited requests for the purposes of dating or meeting outside of Meetup events is frowned upon and may result in immediate expulsion if the "target" complains to organizers. If you contact a member and they ask you not to contact them again, further contact will result in immediate expulsion from the group.

Please tell your friends about Atlanta Jewish Singles! We can only grow with your help and with the addition of your friends. Let's make our group the best Meetup group in Atlanta!


As of 9/25/2018, when signing up you will be asked to send your Name, Email Address, and Cell Phone Number to AtlantaJewishSinglesMeetup@gmail.com. The reason for this is that we have had numerous problems with the standard contact methods through Meetup and at some point in the near future will be handling most event correspondence outside of Meetup (this applies only to announcements to event attendees - all events, RSVPs, and updates will still be done through Meetup.)

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