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If you consider yourself an artist first and then a photographer this group is for you. If you want to learn Fine Art Photography and shoot pictures which stand out from the crowd you are at the right place.

We are a group of passionate photographers focussed on learning, practicing and sharing basic and advanced concepts in Fine Art Photography. An active group organizing regular meetups and workshops where members can look forward to learning a vast array of photography genres and topics.

Photography Genres

• Seascape photography

• Landscape photography

• Black and White photography

• Night/Astro photography

• Panoramas

• Piers Photography

• Long/Extra-long exposure photography

• Cityscapes

• Macro Photography

• Minimalism

• Abstract Photography

• Fine Art printing


• Monthly meetups

• Photo walks

• Gallery visits

• Local discounted workshops

• Multi-day field workshops.

• One-on-one training

This group is suitable for all levels of photographers.

About me:

I am a professional landscape photographer with more than 25 years of experience. I primarily shoot landscapes and seascapes. I also do nature and abstract photography.

I do my art shows, participate in art fairs and I also sell on commercial and residential projects.

My work is available on a few online platforms. I’ve had a few national prizes to my credit.

You can find more information about me and see more of my work on the following:

Web: http://www.ashphotography.us

Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/ashfotography

If you have any queries please contact me at


Upcoming events (3)

Let's learn about Fine Art Photo Printing (23rd Mar)

There is nothing like getting to see and feel your art work in real. Most hobby photographers never get their work printed and a majority of us are not aware of the difference in regular and fine art prints. After visiting top galleries in Laguna and seeing those life size prints, I'm sure everyone must be eager to learn more about high quality printing. In order to facilitate this learning, we are organizing a meetup at Mr. Von's printing place on 16th march from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm. Mr. Von Thomas will guide us through the complete printing process - Preparing files for printing, selecting paper and final Printing. Please bring one file you'd like to have printed. The following is a suggestion how to make your files ready for print. First shoot in RAW mode. This gives you all the image information captured to your cameras sensor, and transfers it to the media card. Shooting in JPEG will compress your image and the colors you captured resulting in less colors in your image. Next save (export) your images as 16 bit TIFF format, this will secure your image and retain all the wonderful information that you say with your eye when you clicked the shutter, also during your export assign ProPhotoRGB color space (not sRGB or Adobe 1998), this will also keep all the original color, and not toss it out. So remember when you shoot, shoot in RAW, save to 16 bit TIFF and assign ProPhoto RGB color space before you start to edit in Photoshop. Please see the blog here for more detailed info, http://thomaseditions.com/a-friendly-note-to-my-print-clients/ Mr. Von is an active member of our meetup and we are grateful to him for hosting this meetup.

Pier Photography Workshop - Santa Monica

Santa Monica Pier


Piers evoke many memories – of sunsets, family vacations, loneliness, the power of the ocean and storms. Piers can be warm and inviting. They can also be mysterious and haunting. Piers make one of the most interesting subjects for Fine Art Photography. One can learn a lot about photography while shooting piers - be it composition rules, focussing, depth of field, long exposure photography, black and white photography etc. Santa Monica is one of the largest and most happening piers in Southern California. There are numerous interest points with opportunities for various kinds of photography. We are organizing a workshop here on 23rd March. This workshop will be approx. 5 hours long and a majority of the time will be spent on actual shooting. We will do the following: Teaching - approx 1-2 hours 1. Learn DSLR functions and settings (interactive sessions) 2. Learn about Pier Photography and composition rules 3. Basics of long exposure photography 4. Basics of black and white Photography 5. How to use different kinds of filters Followed by questions and answers Photography - approx 3-4 hrs 4. Scouting for best locations and shots 5. Actual shoot (as a group at different spots) 6. Post processing (If time permits we will try to post process few shots) What to bring along: 1. DSLR/Mirrorless camera 2. Lenses - Wide angle, standard and Tele lenses upto 200mm. We may use all of them. 3. Tripod 4. Filters - Polarizers, Neutral density and Graduated filters (whatever you have). 5. Memory cards & spare batteries 6. Lens cleaning cloth (A must) 7. Remote shutter release (I prefer a wired one) This is a suggested list of items (not all are mandatory), kindly bring along whatever you can arrange from this list and other items that you may consider important in addition to these. Bring suitable footwear for water (slippers/crocs etc) as there is a possibility of getting wet by odd waves. Get a jacket and a small towel as it can get windy sometimes. It is a beautiful location and I am sure everyone will be able to carry home some memorable shots. This workshop is suitable for all levels of photographers Thanks Ash Important: 1. There are limited spots and few initial local workshops are being offered at substantially lower prices. 2. Please keep an eye here for any updates/modifications. 3. If the weather is not conducive (raining) we may move this workshop to the next day.

Joshua Tree Landscape/Night Photo Workshop - April - 7/8 & April - 6/7

Joshua Tree National Park


Here is an excellent opportunity to learn and practice Night/Astro Photography. The Milky Way season has started and we are organizing a workshop in Joshua Tree around a new moon when the skies are at their darkest. Joshua tree is a world renowned night sky park. The park is well known for its naturally dark night skies, which are far away from and largely free of the light pollution typical in the urban areas. The park's elevation and dry desert air, along with the relatively stable atmosphere in the region, often make for excellent stargazing conditions. _______________________________________ The cost of this workshop is $395 and is being offered on two separate dates. There is a maximum limit of 6 participants on each day. April 7-8 (Sun 1:00 pm - Mon 9:00 am) We shall be staying inside the park in a camp ground. Camping and light dinner/breakfast plus tea/coffee are included in this. April 6-7 (Sat 1:00 pm - Sun 9:00 am) We are staying in a hotel (shared accommodation) in Twenty Nine Palms which is very close to the Park gate. Meals are not included on this day. There are lots of dining options in vicinity though. We are first filling up the April 7-8 workshop. Please let me know if you want to come on 6-7. This date is being offered as I understand that some people will not be able to take Monday off. _________________________________ The workshop will consist of the following: 1. Astro/Milky way photography training. 2. Landscape photography training 3. Sunset/Landscape photography session in the park 4. Night photography in the park 5. Night Lighting techniques 6. Learn how to make star trails (if time permits we will practice as well) 7. Post-Processing training on Adobe Lightroom "Classic" CC General itinerary 1. 1:00 pm - workshop start - Introduction - Photography concepts and techniques training 2. Explore the park, followed by Landscape/Sunset Photography Session. 3. Dinner Some light dinner/snacks at camp site (included) or you can go to a Local Restaurant. You can bring your own food for camping as well. 4. Sleep for a few hours 5. Night / Milky Way Photography Session in the Park (After midnight through early hours) 6. Return to campsite and get some rest 7. 8:00 am - Lite Breakfast and Lightroom Classic CC Training. (If time permits we will try to post process few shots) 8. 9:00 am - Workshop ends You must be able to hike for 1/2 mile with your camera gear (Please bring a backpack). One of the hikes requires climbing a 3 ft rock. We will be there to help each other though. What to bring along: 1. DSLR/Mirrorless camera (with option of manual adjustments for ISO, Aperture, Duration and focus) 2. Lenses - Wide angle and standard lenses (14mm and upwards) are preferred. Fast lenses f2.8 and higher are better suited for astro-photography. 3. Tripod 4. Filters - Polarizers, Neutral density and Graduated filters (whatever you have). 5. Memory cards & spare batteries 6. Lens cleaning cloth (A must) 7. Remote shutter release (I prefer a wired one) 8. Charged laptop (with lightroom) for post processing 9. Memory card reader or a USB wire to connect with your camera. 10. A note book and pen to make notes. 11. Sleeping bags/blankets etc 12. Torch and headlamp (with beam control and red light option) This is a suggested list of items (not all are mandatory), kindly bring along whatever you can arrange from this list and other items that you may consider important in addition to these. This workshop is suitable for all levels of photographers. Thanks Ash ________________________________ Important: I'll be updating this post with additional information. Please keep an eye.

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