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What is Travel with a Purpose?
Be inspired to travel with a purpose and remove any fear of travel. We meet once a month in Laguna Woods.
Learn from our inspirational speakers on travel ideas from: “Big 5“Safaris, wildlife conservation, school visits, local village life, exotic culinary trips, wine tasting, unique flora, sailing, yoga and stimulating writers retreats to Africa. We meet once a month.
Our presentations will inspire you to travel. What is the Topic on August 28th?
“How travel to Africa changed my life.”
Is Africa on your bucket list, but you’re afraid to travel alone?
Do you want to see the Big 5, experience new adventures, and make a difference at the same time?
How about adopting an elephant, interacting with the women and children in an African village, cooking local African dishes with a famous Chef, helping veterinarians tag an elephant or rhino to stop poaching, or learning about flowers and plants never seen in the U.S.?
Please call Sonia at (949) 402-7828 or e-mail: Sonia@SoniaMarsh.com to reserve your seat.

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