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This is a virtual/online group for all interested in software engineering, cloud computing, and DevOps culture. Come learn, collaborate, and network in a safe positive environment! All skill levels are welcome.

Guest speakers will be attending, providing expert insights on a variety of topics (check event details for more info). Want to speak for us? Message us!

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As the leading provider of cloud-based retail data management solutions, we’re delivering game-changing innovative network-integrations and comprehensive retail performance analytics to businesses worldwide and changing the face of e-commerce. SPS Commerce perfects the power of retail trading partner relationships with the industry's most broadly adopted, enterprise retail cloud services platform. The right EDI solution will strengthen your supply chain and provide seamless communication between you and all of your retail partners. It’s no wonder retailers have embraced this format, and EDI has become a fixture in retail. We pride ourselves in our fast-paced collaborative work environment where employees come first!


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Chaos Engineering: What will your system do when it faces failure?

In development, we often focus the majority of our time on answering the question "how does this application need to function" and spend a little less time on the questions "how am I going to test this" or "how can I be sure this application is working". Better yet, how often have do we ask the question "how will this application react when it experiences some type of failure"? We know that failure is inevitable -- so how do we mitigate the effects and ensure our application can function as intended? In this talk, Brandon will explain how building with a Chaos Engineering mindset can improve system reliability for the future of your product and how to gain confidence in your system when it experiences failure.

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Earthly: Can we have better builds

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