What we're about

Anyone in Milton Keynes or the surrounding areas who wants to meet up, have fun, meet new people. Whether you are new to MK or have lived here all your life, everyone is welcome of any age.

This group is purely about groups of people hanging out and doing fun things together. We're here to make new friends or meet old ones and do things we enjoy or even those we've never tried!

Activities we're looking to have are varied... from your basic nights out, movies, music and gigs to more extravagant things such as karting, paintball and trips abroad.

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Crete Holiday

Milton Keynes

Looking to book an apartment(s) in the beautiful village of Kalyves, Crete for 10 days over the Easter period. Event is not confirmed yet, and will depend on numbers, but expect a price with flights and apartment to be around £250 - £500 per person for the the duration (currently, return flights are at around £100, but this may change. I have a long list of apartments but this can be discussed between anyone that wishes to go, based on comfort level required, location, cost etc) Sign up if you are interested in this trip, to enter into the discussion phase, with the aim being to book early February.

Tuesday Movie Night


Meet at Moon Under Water at around 7.00pm and have a quick drink (or bite to eat if you're hungry), then upstairs by 8 once we have chosen a film to watch.

Wednesday Quiz Night @ The Talbot

Needs a location

Wednesday Quiz Night at The Talbot in Loughton. We'll get 1 or 2 teams together and have a laugh!

Play Korfball! Mixed team sport, beginners and experienced players both welcome

Courtside Sports and Fitness Centre

Come and try korfball! First two weeks free for newcomers so you can try it out. So what exactly is Korfball I hear you ask? It’s one of the only mixed sex sports around, with teams consisting of four men and four women. It’s a mixture of netball and basketball moves, with the aim of the game being to shoot and score – making for a great sport full of fun! The word Korf comes from the Dutch translation for ‘basket’ & its roots are in the Netherlands where the game originates from. We also often go for a drink afterwards too!

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Bank Holiday Drinks!!

The Moon Under Water (Wetherspoons)

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