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We are a creative community of London based Singer-songwriters from beginner to professional level. We share music and learn from each other. We provide an encouraging and respectful space to grow. We are about celebrating what we love... music.

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Original Song Share (+ feedback)

Online event

Online song share and feedback from other songwriters! We welcome everyone to get involved, regardless of whether you want to share music or not (you can simply listen and feedback). It'll be a Zoom online environment where you can share your song and get some fantastic ideas on how to make it even better. Alternatively, just use the opportunity to play your song :) Process 1. Mark 'attend' on this event to confirm your attendance. Your position in sharing your song will be via chronological order in confirming attendance. 2. If you just want to come and enjoy / feedback on music. Absolutely no problem, we'll simply jump to the next person! 3. After your song, they'll be time to receive feedback from the wider group We'll get through as many songs as possible within 2 hours :)

#LetTheMusicPlay & Keep Your Creative Spark Alive!

Online event

A FREE SPECIAL EDITION 'MUSICIAN POWER' WORKSHOP How to keep your music, songwriting and creative spark alive during times of uncertainty Has the last few months taken its toll on your music projects, in addition to your ability to earn money from your craft? The pandemic has created some major challenges for the creative sector, which has understandably resulted in musicians, singer-songwriters, artists and performers to make some significant adjustments to their work. The problem is that during periods of uncertainty, creators can lose their spark and consequently sideline any upcoming projects. Even worse, they will stop any creative work altogether! NOW MORE THAN EVER, your creative spark is essential to navigating through times of uncertainty and to maintain focus on your career and ambitions. During this workshop you’ll uncover: - How to maintain creative focus through times of uncertainty - Understand the number one factor that is predominantly holding you back - How to keep your creative spark alight when it’s burning out - How to support yourself financially without giving up on your craft ABOUT THE HOST Ross Macintyre is a Certified Creativity Coach and the Founder of 'Musican Power', a membership site that's specifically designed for musicians, singer-songwriters and artists to support their journey to their greatest potential. Ross has been mastering life transformation tools and techniques for over five years and predominantly works in the creative sector. ROSS MACINTYRE - HIGHLIGHTS ✓ Certified Personal Development Coach, working with professionals, musicians and creators ✓ 5+ years mastering life empowerment tools and techniques ✓ A Coach and Consultant for a leading UK personal development training company ✓ Public speaker, including a TedX talk on human behaviour, tech addiction and societal change ✓ Owner of community 'London Singer Songwriters' with nearly 4,000 members ✓ Owner of community 'Play That Country Music' with over 1,000 members ✓ Music artist with second single titled 'Nashville' reaching No.2 in UK iTunes Country Charts ✓ Theatre performance, including leading cast member in 'Loserville' and 'Puss in Boots' at Putney Light Operatic Society ✓ ShoWcase music artists weekly within a unique 'Power Hour' format ABOUT MUSICIAN POWER Hey Musicians and Singer Songwriters, We so often hold ourselves back from the things we love in life because of factors that keep us playing small, comfortable and in a safe bubble. However that comfortable place is exactly what is stopping us from stepping into the unknown and creating something truly special for ourselves. As scary as it sounds to step outside of our comfort zone, it actually rewards you with great fulfillment, meaning, purpose and happiness. Essentially, when we truly go for what we want in life, we are allowing the magic to happen! To support you on a breath-taking journey, Musician Power is an affordable membership that includes an exclusive webinar series and community to unleash your full potential and achieve your vision and goals without compromise. You’ll learn the tools and techniques that will lift and support you from a comfortable zone, and onto a journey to greatness! I cannot wait to unleash your Musician Power and watch your potential unfold! THE MEMBERSHIP INCLUDES - Fortnightly 60-90 minutes online group session to empower you in musicianship, self-awareness, creativity and vision-setting. - Tools and techniques that enable you to listen to yourself so that you can make powerful choices towards the life you want to create!​ - Recordings of your group sessions so you can catch up or re-watch. - Handouts and PDFs to support you on your journey as a musician and creator. - Exclusive online community group for engagement, support, inspiration and motivation.​​ Find more information at www.MusicianPower.com

Let's Collaborate! Songwrite together session

Online event

BRAND NEW EVENT FORMAT! This is an exciting event to support and encourage you to work with other musicians and improve your songwriting skills. There's no better way to improve your songwriting than by working with other musicians, therefore this session will specifically bring people together to write songs. Format 1. Sign up to the session and mark the date in your diary 2. A quick introduction and discuss potential song theme topics 3. You'll be split into groups to write a first verse and chorus 4. Return to main zoom call so you can share your 'work in progress' to the group I will of course encourage you to complete the song together after the session, however for practicality and timing, let's stick to simply starting the song and sharing where you're at. This will be a fun and informal session, with an intention to come away with a song idea to progress and complete.

Virtual Open Mic Night - Power Hour!

Online event

Due to the success of the last Virtual Open Mic, please do join us for another one! The format will be across Instagram Live, so great exposure for your performance. Simple 5 Step Process: 1. The first 12 people to 'sign up' (basically say 'yes' to this event) will get an opportunity to perform. 2. Follow @londonsingersongwriters on Instagram. 3. Send me a picture of yourself and bio. I will add this to our social media feeds to promote your performance. Send this to [masked]. 4. Join the open mic night by watching the Instagram Live at @Londonsingersongwriters and I'll invite you to perform. 5. Have fun! The Instagram account is newly created to showcase your creativity, so please do follow and promote on your social media feeds, and invite friends and family to watch you on Monday. For those who are confirmed to perform, I'll send you an email on the day to finalise any details. I'm looking forward to this! :D

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'Passion to Pro' Music Mindset Workshop

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