What we're about

This group isn't so much for teaching Photoshop to new users, but rather an experienced team that pushes each other to explore their creative visions and how we can translate our ideas to Photoshop.

Art is a release, and we will be trusting each other with our inspirations, so be prepared to escape reality sometimes. To achieve this in Photoshop not only requires a strong foundation of the fundamentals, but also learning new specific techniques to get the desired effect we want - this is where this team comes in handy. You'll develop friends with whom you can reach out to for advice and honest critiques of your work.

In order to excel at anything, we must surround ourselves with people better than us, and be willing to help others grow. This in turn pushes us to be the best artists we can be, too!

Some meetups might include:

- Sharing of tips and tricks

- Group following of a tutorial

- Homework challenges using certain stock images

- Photoshop Face Offs with random themes

- Helping each other achieve the effect they desire

- Critique nights - honest, yet compassionate reviews of your work, highlighting your strengths and weaknesses

If you're looking to get better with Photoshop, help others along, or just translate your emotions to fantasy...hit up one of our meetups.

Upcoming events (1)

Denver PS Meetup Main Image Monthly Contest - May

Needs a location

This isn't a physical meetup, but rather a deadline for our banner contest. The theme is: Landscape Create a landscape using any stock photos you wish. It can be anything you imagine... Prize - You get your image on the Denver Photoshop Meetup banner for the next month. Rules: - This manip must be done specifically for this contest. No using old artwork. - All stock photos must be linked and credited with the submission - this is standard practice for contests, but really, we want to see all the hard work you have done to change the original photo - Nothing offensive or graphic. If anyone has ideas, but trouble finding resources or has difficulty getting started, please feel free to post a comment, and others can maybe help. :-)

Past events (2)

Meet and Greet - "Face Your Fears" walk through

Needs a location

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