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This is a group for anyone interested in Data Visualisation. This could be within data science or business intelligence, but also creative coding and art projects that have data as a medium, and story-driven data visualisations.

Meetups will be informal with plenty of time for networking, as well as some presentations from the group, where we will discuss inspiration, methods, tools, and anything else we find interesting.

Material from the events will be made available on https://speakerdeck.com/datavizcph

This meet-up is inspired by the Data Visualisation Society where the organiser team met. (join here: https://www.datavisualizationsociety.com/ )

Everyone is welcome!

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DataViz Meetup


Our group has grown quickly since we started back in May. This time we’d like to meet and discuss how we can move forward. The format of the meet-up is an informal chat on what we can do to make the group more relevant, and a chance for you to help shape upcoming events. We have some data regarding the group, but insights from its members is invaluable. What would you like to see happen next? We’ll find a venue once we have an idea of who is joining.


Øster Farimagsgade 5

This event is organised by University of Copenhagen. Let’s get there in plenty of time - I’ll set up a separate event for those wanting to meet afterwards and discuss the talk. ALBERTO CAIRO DIRECTOR OF THE VISUALIZATION PROGRAM AT THE CENTER FOR COMPUTATIONAL SCIENCE, UNIVERSITY OF MIAMI VISUALIZATION AND GRAPHIC DESIGN FOR SCIENTISTS When designing a data visualization, showing the data comes first. After all, the main goal of a visualization is letting the reader spot patterns and trends behind numbers. But what if the visualization we design is to be presented to a general audience? In that case we may want to think deeply about visual design elements such as typography, color, composition, and hierarchy. This talk teaches non-designers such as scientists and statisticians how to make our charts, graphs, publications, and conference posters look better. Room:[masked] at CSS

DataViz CPH - Socialise

Needs a location

For those of you who either want to discuss the VISUALIZATION AND GRAPHIC DESIGN FOR SCIENTISTS by Alberto Cairo, or who want to meet before his HOW CHARTS LIE talk so we can walk there together.

Alberto Cairo - HOW CHARTS LIE

Maersk Tower

This event is organised by University of Copenhagen. Let’s meet there ahead of time. I’ll organise another event for those who want to meet afterwards to discuss the event. ALBERTO CAIRO DIRECTOR OF THE VISUALIZATION PROGRAM AT THE CENTER FOR COMPUTATIONAL SCIENCE, UNIVERSITY OF MIAMI HOW CHARTS LIE We’ve all heard that a picture is worth a thousand words, but what if we don’t understand what we’re looking at? Charts, infographics, and diagrams are ubiquitous. They are useful because they can reveal patterns and trends hidden behind the numbers we encounter in our lives. Good charts make us smarter—if we know how to read them. However, they can also deceive us. Charts lie in a variety of ways—displaying incomplete or inaccurate data, suggesting misleading patterns, and concealing uncertainty— or are frequently misunderstood. Many of us are ill-equipped to interpret the visuals that politicians, journalists, advertisers, and even our employers present each day. This talk teaches to not only spot the lies in deceptive visuals, but also to take advantage of good ones. Room: Jerne Auditorium, Mærsk Tower, Blegdamsvej 3

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DataViz Meetup

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