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Welcome to the Photography Course by Andrea Mascolo

Founder of EquinArt Photography (www.equinart.it), Andrea will guide you step by to step to learn the basics of digital photography.
The course will run once a week for 2 hours, and each session will include an initial part of theory followed by hands on practice to implement the learnings.
During the practice, you will be exposed to indoor and outdoor photo shooting in different situations at different timings to experience all the basic functions of your camera.
All you need is your Digital Camera, a notebook and your passion!

To register, please send an email to andrea.mascolo@hotmail.it
or call 052 7277666

The Duration of the course is 4 classes with a limited number of 10 students
The cost of the full course is 800AED Basic Topics covered:

- Learn digital photography
- Get to know your camera
- Understanding of shutter speed, aperture and ISO
- Learn how to use the Mode Dial
- Day light/landscape photo shooting
- Night photo shooting
- Sunset/sunrise photo shooting
- Sport/action photo shooting
- Portrait photo shooting
- Back light photo shooting
- Shooting in Manual Mode
- How to use different Lenses
- Composition
- Editing Sign up and have fun!
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