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Self-Care What does that mean?...more than spa baths and beauty products
Are you tired of being tired? Is self-care a challenge for you? Is it easier for you to give care to others, your work, and anyone and anything else first? Do you need a little support? If so this is the place for you! Come and exchange, explore and learn tips on how to practice better self-care. After a brainstorming session with the group, each week will have a related presented topic to empower each member to better self-care health practice. Looking forward to meeting you!


3344 s route 59, ste 110 · Naperville, il

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Health conscious people who struggle with sustaining a self-care practice. Whatever the contributing reasons ( time-management, environment, responsibilities, lack of support, self-sabotage, lack of motivation...) this group is for you. Come and exchange with others and find solutions. Meet-ups will be based on the needs of the group. There will be suggested topics of discussion to empower you towards better self-care in order to live your healthiest happiest life.

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