What we're about

Who we are:
We are a community of aspiring, new and experienced product managers/owners, scrum masters and other product people meeting monthly to learn, share ideas and collaborate to enhance our scrum experiences.
Before and/or after certification we quickly learn there is so much more to being a product manager/owner:

From product vision, product strategy, user story mapping, impact mapping, personas, maximize the product backlog, prioritization (stack ranking, Kano method, MoSCoW, Cost of Delay), writing better stories, splitting user stories, technical tasks on the backlog, Managing costs and budgets, forecasting/predictability, PMO updates, “when will the product be done?”, remote teams, feedback loops, build the right thing & build it right, transparency and visibility, pillars of scrum, sprint planning, sprint retrospective, sprint review, UX………….to speaking at events.

How it works:
--> We meet monthly on Tuesday (location & exact Tuesday of month TBD) for 2 hours
--> Each session will be facilitated or in 20Q format (20 minutes for one question and group discussion)
--> Any member is free to facilitate a clinic (please arrange with Kevon or Trish)
--> Maximum 40 people
--> Clinic will be free
--> Water will be provided

Past events (4)

Product Friday’s International

Online event

Physically Apart, Socially Together (Online)

Needs a location

Agile games night - Product Owner TO


Product Owner Toronto Kickoff


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