What we're about

This group meets on Wednesday nights to seek and explore truth in its different forms. Many of our meetings are topical open-forum discussions on topics centered around spiritual development and social awareness. Past topics range from "Inner Peace" to "Conscious Consumption" to "Dealing with Paradoxes".

Another type of meeting we hold is what we call "silent worship", where everyone sits in silence for an hour praying/thinking/meditating, and if anyone gains insight into something they think relevant to the group they are able to speak up during the silent time and share, with others able to build upon it.

We also host a Bible discussion, where we read 2-3 passages and talk about what the words inspire in us (not about what we do or don't believe regarding common Christian doctrine).

On occasion, we also may host movie nights where we show something uplifting or a documentary.

Note: This group was organized outside of Meetup and all events will have more people in attendance than listed on the Meetup site.

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Friendly Bible Discussion

1875 N Central Ave

Discussion on "The Importance of Education"

1875 N Central Ave

Silent Worship

1875 N Central Ave

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