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Shamanism is an ancient practice which brings clarity, connection and confidence to life. At the centre of this practice is working with our own spirits to find personal empowerment and balance.

Working with shamanism can provide answers to very important questions and help you make decisions about your next steps.

It offers new ways of being in the world which can bring deep healing, and connection with nature's natural rhythms.

Shenoah Taylor

Shenoah has been working with shamanism since 1990 and has trained extensively with a number of inspiring shamanic teachers. When she started working with shamanism it was the next step on her own journey of self discovery and healing.

Shamanism is the path of her heart and through it she has come to know her gifts and their place in the world. It has helped her to be in the world in a more present, fulfilled and focussed way.

With the help of the spirits she now supports others to find their own way to empowerment, connection and healing through one to one work and workshops. http://www.shenoahtaylor.com

Lisa Sture
Lisa has been working with Shamanism since 1990 for both herself and others. Lisa offers one to one shamanic work.

Lisa has been at the cutting edge of the raw food movement since 2007 and offers workshops and one to one mentoring. http://rawlisa.co.uk

Shamanism can help with Personal healing, Life changes, Empowerment, Decision making, Problem solving, Transformation, Relationships, Health/illness, Connectedness, Bereavement, Emotional Issues and Spiritual Development.

The benefits of working with shamanism can be found on emotional, physical and spiritual levels. One of the paradoxes of shamanism is that by working in the spirit world it enables us to live more fully in this reality.

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