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Our mission is to help small business owners and self-employed grow their business and self professionally and personally.

Full Circle Community.

To support the development and growth of small business owners, the community is a platform where they can learn to sharpen their presentation skills and value propositions. Full Circle Community also work in tandem with other subject matter experts to hold different types of sharing, preview, workshop seminars that will enhance other necessary skill sets required as their businesses evolve with time. Other FAQs and sharing will be brought online in a close group using the Facebook platform.

We are also the Official PlayCamp Organizer in Singapore.


Full-Circle Community represents users who want to explore, practice, promote creativity and innovation. The main sources of inspiration we offer are by the Innovation Games® from Luke Hoffman's. A Playbook for Innovators, Rulebreakers, and Changemakers. The objective is primarily to discover, exchange and also to share our experiences. Join us in our GameStorming sessions with the Innovation Games®!

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