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Looking to create, make art and push yourself to create outside the box? I Am... and thought it might be fun to start a group.
There is no end to learning new crafts and arts but that's just it you are learning. In a learning brain we are receiving someone else's ideas, thoughts, or opinion. Sometimes to find originality and inspiration we have to challenge own ideas, thoughts, and opinions. I've noticed watching crafting or creating shows, you are given a theme, supplies, and a time limit as standard parodical. What happens during that time is pure creative inspiration. People come up with amazing and some not so amazing creations. I am always inspired by the ability to make very different creations, sourced from the same materials.

So I thought let's create! Join me for an afternoon of creative inspiration. Each Meetup will have a theme. We will all have access to the same supplies/ materials and are encouraged to create any type of art or craft! It will be a scared time to push ourselves, let go of our norm and find pure imagination. This will be a casual, fun, safe environment to explore art and crafting without judgment. I encourage all skill levels and types of artist. This time is about letting go and trying something that might not work out and being ok with that. I feel as artist there can be a lot of pressure for perfection, this is not that place however it might just happen by accident.

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