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I’ve spent the last part of a year trying to figure out how you’re supposed to meet people in this area. Every thing is either serial online dating or groups who already know each other. It finally dawned on me that in order to find my people I have to recognize that those people don’t know how to find me.

No +1s just means that single or otherwise you’ll decide on your own that you’d like to join a group activity. As a group we’ll decide what that is. In the beginning it will be what I want to do. But hopefully, as we get to know our people, that will quickly become what we want to do.

Please answer the brief questions about yourself. Be honest. This is not a place for married people to be sneaky. Nor is it a place for single people to feel preyed upon. There are *plenty* of options for both of those things. Plan to bring $10-20 cash depending on the event to avoid check sharing issues.

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