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The purpose of the group is to assist its members in the development of higher consciousness. It does not attempt to teach the truth of spiritual things in a dogmatic way but it does attempt to help people to attain a place where degree by degree, they are able to understand the spiritual law for themselves in their own way, commensurate with their state or plane of soul unfoldment.

We are members of the Canadian International Metaphysical Ministry


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An online Spiritual Science Fellowship members service: A service for meditation, spirit communication and information on spirituality.

This is a service for spiritual science members that includes meditation, spiritual teaching and psychic message bearing.
Rev Raul Valverde PhD (https://canadianmetaphysicalministry.com/dr_-valverde's-page). Marilyn Rossner PhD, Rev Ryoko Ruiz PhD, (http://www.iiihs.org/SSFfounder.html) Rev. Alejandro Gonzalez (https://alejandrog.ning.com/)
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