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Transformative breaking free from emotional eating 4 week course (Women only).
Are you ready to end the war with your food and body? Want a more loving, joyful, and sustainable path to getting the health you want? Need compassionate, non-dogmatic guidance and group support in navigating your personal journey? I had been at war with my body for over 30 years and have battled with a binge eating disorder for most of my adult life. After trying every diet and being a member of several slimming clubs, I was still overweight, miserable and was left feeling not good enough. As I began to work on my own self-development I decided to dig deeper and explore what was behind my issues with food. I learnt that for me diets and slimming clubs were never going to work, as they are sticking plasters for a much deeper issue of why I was using food to numb my feelings and manage stress. This transformative Women’s Emotional Eating Workshop is an in-depth exploration into the psychology of eating and the conscious cultivation of a nourishing life. Together, I will help you master a way of eating and living that helps you to feel truly alive, resilient, and free. Join me for this life-changing 4-week workshop and discover what mental, emotional and nutritional conditions enable you to thrive. TICKETS ARE: £49.95 and includes 4 two hour group session, workbook to use outside of the sessions, support via email/phone outside of the group, access to a private Facebook page to help support you throughout the course and beyond and a 1 to 1 life coaching session after the course has finished to help boost your progress. YOU’LL LEARN HOW TO… Stop dieting, depriving and denying yourself and allow more nourishment, connection and love into your life Swap stress for self-care and understand clearly what’s driving your boredom, binging and over eating Replace willpower, over-exercising or the ‘perfect diet’ with mind-body wisdom and holistic nutrition Let go of food rules, rituals and disordered eating and finally experience the satisfaction of real food freedom Spend less time worrying about food and eating, and more time consciously living and loving yourself Previous participants in this course report the following: • Less emotional eating and more mindful, intuitive eating • Greater awareness, understanding, and empowerment around their relationship to food and body • Discovery of new choices and possibilities that bring greater peace and freedom • Letting go of life-long negative concepts about food and self that keep them stuck • Less guilt and struggle • Greater ease in making healthy, nourishing choices • Less negative self-talk and black-and-white thinking • Greater self-acceptance IMAGINE YOURSELF FEELING RELAXED, CONFIDENT AND CALM AROUND FOOD WHEN…. You’ve finally overcome your fear of food and discovered what you’re really hungry for! (No guess work, no confusion, and no more dieting programs) You’ve discovered how to trust your gut wisdom and can easily choose foods that feel best to your body! (Instead of losing weight only to put it back on..) You wake up feeling happier, healthier and lighter – even 2 years down the track! (Without constant calorie counting or obsessive workouts at the gym!)

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Ask yourself this "Are you content and happy with how your life is right now"?

If you answered "NO" why not come and join us on this year long journey to find out what lights up your soul, discover who you truly are and what you desire and deserve in this one and only life. This is a group for any one interested in self development and self improvement. As we approach 2018 there is no better time to look at where we are in our lives right now and where we would like to be a year from now. This meet up is all about moving you forward towards your desired goals/dreams/intentions etc for the next year. We are two extremely passionate women who have a burning desire to help others live the life of their dreams through discovery sessions every month. Are first meet up starts in January 2018 and will run monthly at various locations across Liverpool, looking at different areas of self development and empowerment. What are you waiting for?

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