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Welcome to the Me & My …. , prenatal, postnatal & toddler exercise classes

Me & my …. has a simple ambition:
to add joy, health and vitality to your and your little one’s life.

The classes provide you the opportunity to enjoy exercise in a time of life when it can be the most difficult to find the opportunity to fit it in.

The Me & My …. offers programs for mommy-to-be & mommies with their baby's (from 6 wk old) or toddler. Me & My …. is sport for kids and mommies. You can't start early enough with sport! The Me & My …. classes are postnatal & toddler exercise classes, designed for you and your little one at the centre – developing health, fitness and bonding for you and your family.

The classes help you become stronger and improve your condition of your stamina, they give you energy and provide a lot of fun. The sessions are performed to music; music has a profound effect on the enjoyment of exercise and our motivation. The music will uplifting our mood and increasing our energy. Working out with your child strengthens the parent-child bond. And you don’t need a babysitter to be able to exercise. Exactly what you need as a parent.

I hope to see you in one of the trainings!

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