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This is group for anyone interested in spiritualism, conscious connecting, wine tasting, social dinners, exploring new pubs and trying everything else that Vancouver has to offer.

All are welcome to join and partake in our various social networking events.

We also started this group to offer an alternative in spontaneous, last minute events and activities.

Open to suggestions from members involving anything that looks fun and brings people together.


Upcoming events (4+)

Troy's Group Trip: Israel (start date will either be May 21 or 22) 8-10 days

Sorry for the short notice .
Last week I was 1/60 Canadian Travel Agents to be selected to go on 1 of their promotional tours.
I am headed to Jordan May 13-20 for their Highlights of Jordan Tour .
The odds were in my favor to be selected as i have made a few sales and I have 2 private G Adventures tours scheduled
Feb 18 - Mar[masked]
Serengeti & Zanzibar Group Tour with Troy
Serengeti Safari & Zanzibar Tour with Troy | Meetup
Sept 22 - Oct[masked] Days Highlights of Morocco Group Tour with Troy
15 Days Highlights of Morocco Tour with Troy | Meetup
Email me for more details if interested : [masked]

Now onto to this trip .
Over the last week , I was in contact with the Canadian Israel Tourism Board to clear up covid restrictions and entry requirements.
72hrs before entering, PCR test is required
48hrs before entering, fill out entry form
On arrival another PCR test , quarantine for 24 hours or until test comes back which is usually 4-6 hours .

I will be taking the bus from Amman Border to Tel Aviv through the King Hussein Border crossing . This is why i am not sure on the day i will arrive in Tel Aviv yet. The border is closed Fridays and Saturdays, my tour ends on Friday and i don't know yet if i can make it to the crossing before it closes (I WILL UPDATE WHEN I KNOW)
I will meet everyone in Tel Aviv

I don't have accommodations booked yet ( I WILL UDATE WHEN BOOKED)
The rough plan
Tel Aviv 2-3 Days
Jerusalem 2-4 days
Haifa 2-3 days
Will be researching and figuring out the sites i want to visit and will update
I will be using public transportation but if others decide to come , we can talk about renting a car
I dont have a detailed plan yet as this is just coming together and wanted people to know sooner then later so they have time to book

GROUP TRIPS: Our group trips are arranged by a Leader who extends invitations to members of Eat, Drink, Travel….Repeat. Any interested members are welcome to join for all or part of the Leader’s trip. The Leader will post their flight and accommodation plans. You will arrange your own transportation and it will be up to you to book the same accommodation or a place of your choice nearby. The Leader will do their best to help you plan and answer any questions but you should do your own research on the location. The Leader will try to have one activity planned per day that others can join if they wish. You are free to do something on your own or with someone else from the trip. The best part is the evening meal that everyone is allowed to attend or decline as it suits their choosing. It’s a great time to get together to share experiences from the day, socialize, and plan for the next day. Past group trips in 2018 & 2019 have included Bangkok, Mexico City and Bali.
Everyone is responsible for their own events, accommodations, food, admission and trip costs.
The organizers of Eat, Drink, Travel....Repeat are not liable for anything bad that happens to you, mentally or physically during your participation of the event.
When you book your flight for a group trip , you should provide your email address and phone number (WhatsApp) for trip planning.
We recommend that you get travel and medical insurance for these trips.

Contact me if you are looking for tours , river or ocean cruises , all inclusive resorts or any other vacation that you are dream of.

[masked] (preferred)[masked] ext[masked] ext 640
Click the link to join my travel agent Facebook group where I post the weekly travel deals.
Near and Far Destinations | Facebook
If you are not on Facebook and would like to be added on to a weekly email list , then feel free to email me to be added on to it.
I will not be posting or spamming this group with ads or promotions.

Pubnight at Surrey Dominion Bar + Kitchen

Needs a location

Hey everyone! Here is a Surrey event that you are looking out for! Tonight we are hosting at the dominion + bar & kitchen and this pubnight doesn’t have a max of 6 people per table. Hope to see everyone here and to having a great time!

Food Menu: https://www.dominionkitchen.com/dinner-menu

Drink Menu: https://www.dominionkitchen.com/drinks-menu


  1. Know your limit. Drink within it. Do not plan on getting wasted tonight. Please drink responsibly so you can get home safely.
  2. Bring your wallet. They accept Cash, debit, and credit!
  3. THIS IS NOT A DATING EVENT. This is a meet up to make new friends. Anyone seen hitting on anyone or being inappropriate will be asked to leave.

Transportation: Surrey central skytrain is right next to the pub. If you are planning to come here by car I recommend parking at the Surrey central mall and then walk your way to the dominion pub.

Again it’s always a pleasure having everyone and hope everyone will have a fantastic night meeting new people. As always I’ll see you there!


Needs a location

Breathwork is a transformational process that combines an ancient two-step breathing technique with carefully curated music selection to create an incredible physical and spiritual experience.

It is a simple, safe, and extremely effective process for experiencing breakthroughs and optimal wellness in your life.

Breathwork is an active breathing process that differs from most traditional meditation and mindfulness practices.

Most people report it is unlike anything they’ve ever experienced before.

In this particular breathwork session, we will be focused on releasing any blockages that prevent you from experiencing full love and confidence in yourself. Come with an open heart and mind and be ready to have a transformative, life-changing experience!


To prepare for our breathwork session, find a comfortable space in your home where you can lay down and won't be distracted for at least an hour.

Set up a yoga mat on the floor with a pillow and blankets. If a yoga mat is not possible, you can lay down on your bed.
Be sure to not have a heavy meal at least one hour before the session and drink plenty of water.
You can set up candles and crystals to make the space feel more sacred if you wish to.
Have a healthy meal handy to eat after the session (breathwork makes people hungry) and reserve some time to integrate your experience.

I look forward to breathing with you!

  • This is a by-donation event.
    Donations are not mandatory but encouraged to honor the law of giving and take. If you feel unable to donate at this moment, please still attend the meeting. This is a space for your healing first and foremost.
    If you are comfortable donating, you can donate whatever you feel called to through this link:


Disclaimer: Breathwork is a natural method of energy balancing but is not meant as a substitute for medical, or psychological, diagnosis and treatment. Breathwork practitioners do not diagnose conditions, nor do they perform medical treatment, prescribe substances, or interfere with the treatment of a licensed medical professional. Breathwork or any other natural healing therapy should not compete with medical doctors and their treatments. All therapies are meant to complement medical treatments. By participating in this event, you understand that in no event can Caroline da Costa (Carolini Arco) be liable in anyway directly or indirectly for damages resulting from Breathwork.

Salsa Bachata Lesson, Dance, Meet new friends

Needs a location



SATURDAY Workshop & Practice. Locate Downtown Vancouver, offers workshop at 9:00PM and a dance practice at 9:45PM on Saturday nights in Vancouver. Plays Salsa & Bachata all night long.
Dance Environment is alcohol free, all ages, hardwood flooring through out in a studio style environment. Dress Casual.

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