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From grunts to PowerPoint: 200,000 years of human communication
Join Chichester Skeptics in the Pub at 19.30 on Tuesday 15th January to discuss: From grunts to PowerPoint - 200,000 years of human communication A horse can detect changes in your breathing and heart rate from 9 metres away. Your dog knows when you’re depressed. The CEO of Honda awarded a multi-million dollar advertising contract because “I just liked the guy!” How we communicate has evolved over millennia, but everything goes to pot when faced with a reluctant audience armed only with PowerPoint. Toby Wilsher is a theatre director and a pioneer of arts-based training for business, working globally with a host of clients looking to improve their communication skills. All are welcome — we look forward to an engaging and informative evening. Entry is £5.

Chichester Inn

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    Chichester Skeptics in the Pub is a non-profit organisation promoting science, reason, and critical thinking.

    We hold talks and socials once a month in central Chichester. Join us for a healthy dose of skepticism and a beverage of your choice!

    Our regular events are on the third Tuesday of every month from 19.30 in the Chichester Inn, 38 West Street, PO19 1RP.

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    To develop and support the skeptical community in Chichester.
    To provide opportunities for socialising and friendship.
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