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Hi girls! πŸ’•

I moved to London a couple of months ago and I have noticed there aren't many thrift shops here!

I lived in China for 4 years and whilst there, I began a group called, 'Clothes Swap' in which everyone would bring clothes, shoes or jewellery they no longer wore and give it away.

Basically how it works is:

- You bring whatever you no longer want; can be a couple of items or as many as you would like to get rid off.
- We set it all up in my home or designated location.
- Even if you bring 3-4 items, you can walk out with as many as you choose (if you can get to them in time!)
- Once the last person arrives, we get ready and go shopping!!!


Whatever remains, I will take to a donation centre, this way nothing is wasted.

If it is in an intimate location, we tend to do a potluck. Bring a little something to nibble on, drinks and get to know the girls in attendance.

It really is a fantastic way to meet new people and get some free clothes whilst doing it!

I would love to do this again here in London!

So if you're interested, please join the group and we can set up a date to Clothes Swap till you drop!


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