What we're about

Notice, there are three types of group events to foster healthy self connection. Each is singularly dedicated to horses, nature or holistic health tech.

Authenticity. Purpose. Love. Ease. Wellness. Beauty. Joy. Wholeness.

We are always in relationship with ourselves, others and our environment. By exploring relationships to horses and nature, through our senses we can discover an ongoing deep relationship to ourSelves, which can transform the way we relate in all areas of our lives. This group is for anyone who would like more inner harmony through an immersive hour of meaningful fun, beauty and awe.

And....for those who would like to learn about how to gain enhanced energy, sleep...and more, I offer complimentary intro sessions for a revolutionary at home medical device.

Each group posted is a single event. For nature and horses the group format and intention is the same, we just use different settings and partners.

Nature groups are posted inside of a week due to weather conditions.

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