What we're about

RedCloud is a leading UK based provider of Financial Services and Digital Commerce technologies, headquartered in London, with technology engineered in Cambridge, and offices in Latin America, Africa and SE Asia.

RedClouds story began in 2005, when a group of Cambridge’s leading technology engineers were asked by DFID to work on a project to create an entirely new kind of banking infrastructure in Africa. The project went on to be M-Pesa, one of the world’s most successful payments services, which today is used to transfer approximately 29 billion Euros in micro-payments between customers annually.

In recent years, RedCloud has been providing the technical solution to connect together all supply chain participants within the FMCG industry, and make for easier online access for ordering, more efficient processing and better last mile delivery.

This meetup is designed to collaborate with all areas of the global FMCG industry, to demonstrate and illustrate our undertstanding of the need for automated and digitised solutions, strengthening your business, and enabling continued and long term growth.

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