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IoT North Meetup

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IoT North Meetup


IoT North is pleased to have Rover Robotics Speaking at IoT North October Event, demonstrating how you can take Vision as a sensor mobile with a rover robot.
Nick Fragale is the founder and CEO of Rover Robotics. He holds a Masters Degree from Cornell University and is a member of the ROS 2 technical steering committee.

Nick will be Showing how companies are using mobile robots to track assets and perform predictive maintenance to catch costly mistakes earlier. From monitoring steel in stock yards to tanks on army bases companies are using mobile robot to perform 24/7 checks to make sure inventory counts and stock transfers are accurate. From turbines to transformers companies are using mobile robots with thermal cameras to detect anomalies in temperature and perform predictive maintenance.

Wireless Logic -
ANPR – Automatic Number Plate Recognition.

In this session, Wireless Logic’ Justin Godfrey-Cass, Head of Transport, will go through how Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) providers are turning to cellular IoT connectivity to help them monitor and control their applications across a number of services and industries through secure and resilient technology. We will share examples of use cases across:

· Car Park Management
· Enforcement - bus lanes, grid boxes, one-way systems, low emission management
· Police/Blue light

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*Please note all events are recorded and shared on the website, The events for the foreseeable future will be hosted on Zoom, post lockdown, we will rotate location between Newcastle and Manchester.
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