LIVE WEBINAR: Stop Carrying Old Emotional Baggage!

Mastering the Art of Relationships
Mastering the Art of Relationships
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It's a Valentine's Special: "What's the Pebble in YOUR shoe?"

Do you keep attracting the same type of WRONG partners?
Do you get in the same arguments...over and over?
Having struggles with people at work?
Seeing more crazy and annoying drivers on the road?
Are you feeling frustrated more often?
Do you keep getting sick, a cold, or the flu too often?
Do you seem to be repeating old patterns?
Relationships don't seem to work, and you're feeling lonely?

It's likely your old emotional baggage is affecting how you feel and the way you see the world. That baggage, although it may seem small, can be so painful that it causes you to "limp" through life. It's like wearing glasses that are foggy. They filter your view and take away the sunshine. You can learn new and simple skills to remove the negative fog that may be clouding your view.

In this ONLINE LIVE WEBINAR, we will share stories and examples to make it easy (and fun) to learn to see new possibilities all around you.

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PS. If you're unable to attend, don't worry, everyone who registers will have access to the recording.