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Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency, is a disruptive. Blockchain, the technology behind the bitcoin is even more disruptive. Apart from financial, the technology is also being implemented in other industries and areas.

Similarly, Internet of Things (IoT), is a disruptive technology in its own space and touching almost all the industries. The advent of IoT has thrown open more challenges that solutions.

IoT with Blockchain behind makes things even more interesting and solves most of the major challenges that are foreseen in the future of IoT. The combination of these technologies will bring out lot more interesting solutions in various industries.

Any and everyone who is interested to explore this interesting combination of technologies can be part of this meetup group. The members can share their knowledge and experiences in these areas and evolve to next levels.

The college students, who are looking for upcoming technologies can participate these groups to gain the exposure to these technologies.

The industry experts can join to share experience and knowledge to the members.

The group is backed by industry experts, having collective experience of 60+ years.

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