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Hi there.My name is Ruqiong & I am a Chinese. My native language is Chinese and I am fluent in English & I am learning Spanish, Japanese and Korean.
The reason that I started the group it's because I want to welcome the people that are interested in Chinese and I want to help them.
I know that Chinese is very difficult to learn.Some people gave up after they tried.And some people still struggling in "PIN YIN".
I was a teacher when I was in Chinese and I got the "PUTONGHUA"Certificate.I want to help you with Chinese!
This group is opened for the beginners whom don't know any Chinese or just little bit.
The class contains "Yinpin" ➕words➕phrases➕culture exchange.I'll teach you Chinese from the beginner.please bring pens and notebook.
For support the group,we ask for 5 dollars for attending the class.
Join us if you're interest!

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