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Welcome to our Qigong, Meditation, Zen, Energy Work & Healing Community!

Enter the gateway to a fast growing community of warm, like-minded people, where you can explore the healing power of Pon Klie (Bad Stress Out) Zen Qigong & P.K. teachings on Restoring Inner Balance & Harmony. We also teach the deeper wisdom of Experiential Zen, Inner Freedom, Energy Work and much more... Join our friendship community gatherings and classes to aid you on the path. Share your experiences and reconnect with wonderful like-minded people. Our authentic Zen lineage is over 1,600 years old. Our Inner Peace Qigong is over 5,000 years old.

All Are Welcome! Come find out what we are about ***Free Social Events (Restaurant Prices Vary) & Free BONUS CLASSES.

This Meetup and the Lotus-Zen Community is a Gateway to give you deeper insights and practical tools for optimizing health and wellness on many levels. As a community, we are also passionate about exploring our spirituality, meeting other open-hearted people, and serving humanity and the planet. Our events have a very social aspect to meet one another and share. Whatever your beliefs are, you are welcome here. Whether you are brand new to Qigong, Meditation, Zen, Energy Work and the teachings of Mind & Consciousness or a seasoned explorer, you are welcome here.

“IT IS ALSO A GREAT Meetup to meet warm and wonderful new friends and share your experiences. There are lots of wonderful people to meet and socialize with.

If at any time you have any questions on the classes please feel free to contact us. We are here to provide assistance. We look forward to meeting you soon!

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Hae Kwang Sunim: lotus-zen@earthlink.net

Join us, and allow us to join you on your path. It's time to make a difference, to bring happiness and joy ito our own lives and be the change for others to find their own love, strength and inner power. Energy Healing, Meditation and Pon Klie Zen Qigong Classes (which include Qigong, Meditation, Zen, Energy Work & Healing) are held throughout Southern Ontario. Each growing community is a gift and joy...

"When the mind is trained, quieted, then room is created for our brightness, our True Self to shine through. The nature of True Self IS positive, loving, witnessing, unmoved in the moving. No positive affirmation can deliver the depth of contentment, of joy that already exists, that comes forward from True Self. The more we connect with it, the more it grows through us. In such an environment, the body has comfort, hurry sickness and chasing to 'fix' what we 'thought' we were collapses. The nervous system can finally rest - Stillness. From this place, the body will not easily fall prey to disease." - Hae Kwang Robert


About The Teacher:

Hae Kwang Sunim started training at the age of 18 in Thailand. He has taken full seminary and in temple training, with graduated ordinations (including Bhikkhu ordination) under Patriarch Kun Sunim in South Korea. He spent over 25 years distilling the deepest and hardest to grasp teachings into a simplified language so it can be taught and effectively applied directly in daily life. In 2005 (2549), the 19th Headquarters in Korea appointed Venerable Hae Kwang as Director of Bo Kwang Zen Center Palm Springs, U.S.A. In 2013, the Western Bhikkhus Council nominated Hae Kwang Sunim 교구장 Kyo Goo Jahng of all American-European Temples (closest english translation: North American-European Oversight Head / Bishop / Director). We have over 3,100 Zen Temples in Korea alone. One of those temples, Seonamsa is a beautiful temple complex tucked away in the scenic mountains of Korea. It was originally built about 1300 years ago.

Qigong and Mind-Body Training:

Hae Kwang Sunim drew from the most effective mind-body teachings he acquired from studying under different teachers in the East, including the teachings of Wat Bua Luang in Thailand. The methodology is based on the ancient Eastern principles of Hai Palung (Energy Healing), Pon Klie Kwan Sow (Emotional Release), Meditation, Food Based Healing and the importance of compassion, gratitude, oneness, outreach and the need to support the whole person holistically - body, mind and spirit.

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FULL CALENDAR: https://www.meetup.com/Qi-Gong-Zen-Healing/events/


Members Feedback:

“ I found PK Zen Qigong classes with Hae Kwang Robert very helpful, easy to do, always give you peace of mind, good mood and strong wish to come back again ” — Tania Vasilyeva on Apr 23,

“ I always wanted to practice Qigong and this group is what I was looking for; something much needed in my life, learning more about Zen and everything this groups offers. Great experience on my first meet up. ”
— graciela on Apr 19,

“Very useful and empowering. ” — Liane Harris on Mar 24,

“After attending "Awakening: A Return to Your Original Nature" I can now say that I'm not seeking to become anything! LOL :) All is within and I'm thrilled that Hae Kwang is sharing his wisdom and aiding in my awakening. The Qigong and meditations alone are worth coming out to any meeting for and the energy work well is just simply amazing! ” — Emily on Mar 19,

“This was my first meeting. I was comfortable from the moment I entered the space. I shared the energy healing session of the evening with three wonderfully amazing women. With their kindness and awareness I intrinsically felt the energy that was offered to me. Inner release occurred in a number of ways and levels. I will attend again! Thank you Hae Kwang for your expertise and energy in making this happen in a safe and welcoming environment. ” — Judith Robuliak on Mar 16,

“I would suggest this class to everyone who wants to rid themselves of the weekday stress and recharge for the week ahead. ” — Deb on Mar 11,

“Well for my first time class everything talked about I sure was ready for. The tools were simple to remember, thank goodness, even after only one sitting. Blessings ” — Sheilagh Mercer on Jan 17,

“Qigong, Meditation, Zen, Energy Work and Healing is perhaps exactly what I was looking for and as it will enhance my knowledge, experience and way of life. Being able to learn, practice and apply all that is learned in this group will most definitely improve my life and the life of others around me. ” — Abdul on Dec 20,

“I believe Qigong, Meditation, Zen, Energy Work & Healing is a wonderful way of healing oneself and others, becoming one with the Universe and understanding our purpose here. ” — Gail on Nov 13,

"Mastering Zen Qigong - Step by Step" was my first introduction to Qigong and it was a great start to this healing art. Welcoming and warm group greatly enhanced the learning. Thank you and looking forward to attending future classes when possible."— Arun on Apr 20,

“In each of my three meetings with this group I was surprised to realize that I feel immediately part of the group regardless who are the other persons like me - in search of learning and practicing Qigong. I believe that this feeling is shared by all other persons I met in my last three meetings at Unity Meetups, as it is carefully guided by this Group Leadership team. ” — MIHAELA SAVU on Oct 13,

"It is a life saver ;o))) ” — Dae Bosal Anna on May 10,

“Today was my first visit and I truly enjoyed the class. The people there are so nice and welcoming. The moves that Robert showed were easy to follow. I love the music, Qigong, the meditation, stretching, the experiences were amazing! My favourite part was when we were playing with the energy ball, I could actually felt the magnetic feeling in my hands. Also the part when we used our fingers to pull out bad energies and I could feel the tingling on my legs as I move my fingers up my body, that's awesome! The class is so relaxing, the group discussion in the end was a nice touch, like a story telling, or sharing experiences with each other. I will be back for more. Thank you so much, Robert, you are a great instructor!"— Kim on Mar 26,

“Went to my first Qigong, Meditation, Zen, Energy Work & Healing Meetup and it was great .... positive energy and the Q & A afterwards gives you insight into what you are going wrong and what you can do try and change. ” — Amanda R on Mar 26,

“Thoroughly enjoyed myself last night....Loved the flow, energy and softness of the class Robert. This is just what my body & mind needs...I experienced my own Qi and it felt like I was an instrument of much grace & love moving through the air... Just Wonderful...I so look forward to attending future classes...BTW~~ Feeling pretty AWESOME today!! Many thanks also to Marie for the ride over to bus stop.. Namaste, Lisa ” — Lisa Waldegrave on Mar 3,

“Love it ” — Gloria Brock on Jan 20,

“Wonderful and peaceful ” — Sunil Vidyarthi on Jan 13,

“Great people great energy worth looking into for anyone wondering whether to go or not. "— Billy Watterson on Oct 28,

“I need to be in a calm soothing atmosphere so this is very good for me.” — Lotus Bynight on Oct 24, “I love the calm, positive, healing energy radiating from Hae Kwang Robert - great stress release and wonderful feeling after the session. Thanks! ” — Surin on Aug 6,

“I'm glad that I join this meet up group. Wonderful teacher, Great energy! Love meditation and healing message at the end. ” — Chida Pan on Jul 21,

“Excellent meetup group. I highly recommend to those who wish to learn other modalities of healing. Robert has a unique video library and has handouts. He shares information not only in person but also by email. ” — Kath R. on Jul 19,

“Great class. Good relaxation. Interesting information received from our teacher Robert. This is a very good class for everyone who is interested into meditation, energy work or a stress reducing activity. ” — Mirela M. on Jul 12,

“Excellent... this is what I'm looking for. ” — Lissie Kitchin on Jul 5,

FULL CALENDAR: https://www.meetup.com/Qi-Gong-Zen-Healing/events/

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