What we're about

A new group coming to Tomball, Texas.

Given the COVID situation we won't be meeting for a while. I will keep you updated.

We are a group of 20, 30, 40, 50 and 60 somethings, men and women who enjoy meeting new people and having fun playing board and card games. Please note that we generally do not play traditional card games (canasta, bridge, poker) or traditional board games (monopoly, standard Risk). We play nearly every weekend.

So what games do we play?

We play cooperative games like Castle Panic, Red November, Aliens and Pandemic.

We play deck building games like Dominion, Dark Gothic, Tyrants of the Underdark, Legendary Games: (Alien, Big Trouble in Little China, Buffy the Vamipire Slayer, Marvel and Predator) and Valeria.

We play resource building games like Caylus, Kingsburg and Lords of Water Deep.

We play games involve 3 to 5 players like Battle Sheep, Dixit, Tsuro, Splendor, Sewer Pirates.

We play games that involve 6 to 7 players like Mission Red Planet, Settlers of Cataan and Seven Wonders

We play short games and we play games that take 3 hours plus like Axis and Allies and Twilight Imperium.

Your hosts provide beverages and have many, many games. You bring snacks to share and games you have to share. Together we get to have a blast gaming and meeting really cool people.

Please note there is a $10 annual fee to members to help pay for the cost of hosting this group. Please pay organizer directly and receive a receipt.

Lancelot's Merry Band of Gamers

Code of Conduct

1) No abusive and/or insulting behavior will be tolerated. Members displaying said behavior will be asked to leave the group.

2) Please come to gaming sober: gaming drunk or stoned is not acceptable. Stoned or drunk members will be asked to leave.

3) If you anticipate being more than 15 minutes late to gaming session you are planning on attending, please text or call the organizer to let him or her know.

4) If you are sick, please stay home and come back to gaming when you are feeling better.

5) The group does not provide child care. If you have children who are too young to play or are not interested in playing board or card games please do not bring them to gaming.

6) If you attend a gaming session you are under no obligation to play a game you do not like or do not wish to play.

7) Photos are taken of game play for use on the website. If you do not wish have your photo taken simply inform the organizer and/or back out of the photo being taken

8) Fragrance sensitivity: We have members who are sensitive to fragrances. Please refrain from coming to gaming with cologne, perfume or other scented materials. By the same token use of deodorant is encouraged.

9) If you are a "No Show" to three or more gaming sessions and there is a waiting list you may lose your spot.

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Gaming: Terry's Sunday 3/15/2020, 1pm

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Monterey Gaming at Mythic Games

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Gaming: Terry's Saturday 3/07/2020, 1pm

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Monterey Gaming at Mythic Games

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