What we're about

This group is about the exploration and the direct experience of our true nature, in a safe, non-judgmental place. The essence of the non-duality teaching is like a Zen Koan, we cannot know our SELF like we have known anything else in our life. It is the one experience that does not occur in subject/object duality.

We explore questions such as , Who am I ?
And what is the nature of the knowing with Which I know all my experiences ?

We do this, not by conceptualizing or endless debate, rather we employ the direct method using the clear and powerful pointing's of Rupert Spira and Mooji.

This pathless path does not spend a lot of time with our personal stories, or the suffering many of us have experienced.

We all have been wearing our uniquely-tinted glasses, this group is for those whom are tired of seeing through the prism and prison of their habitual conditioning.

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Conscious Awareness

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We meet at Columbine Unity spiritual center. At this time we are not sure what room so please come through the front doors and you will see us. Columbine works through the generosity of love offerings, so we will pass an envelope for all who want to contribute. This is totally voluntary and all are welcome. Please bring your desire to “know” Thank You

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Conscious Awareness

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