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Healing is about opening ourselves to learning, experiencing, and insight. All of these are essential to healing. Self healing is about how we change our thoughts, patterns, and beliefs to expand our world of the infinite possibilities. Healing is about taking responsibility for your life which is easy to avoid at times because of the excuses we have such we have to take care of others or we don’t have time for that. Or at times, we blame others. How we respond to events and things in our lives determine how things take place. We always try to find comfort and happiness. We all want to avoid suffering but with suffering comes experiences. Fear, blame, guilt has no place in healing. What things do you do to avoid these emotions? Usually, when we go through a self healing crisis, it brings about these emotions. This is usually recognized as a spiritual awakening. There can often be many of them or just a few. We are forever going through these in life.


A sharing Circle is a small-group discussion in which participants (including the leader) share their feelings, experiences, and insights in response to specific topics (given in advance).

We welcome all individuals who are interested in learning more about themselves, their own inner processes and other people.


We ask all Circle members to share the following commitments -


· We ask that people come with an open-mind and heart and a willingness to share as much, or as little as they want (or not at all). Time will be shared equally. Sharing is part of the integration process. Verbalizing experiences help to bring it into your new belief system. This is a place to share our epiphanies on life and the breakthrough moments that brought them about. This is a collective effort and by pooling our personal knowledge and experience it will enhance all of our insights.

· Opportunities to participate & learn more about how your own intuitive process works will be provided through interactive processes. Learn how to tap into your inner self to decipher the messages that your body is sending you. In this fashion you will remember how to find the answers within.

· Guided meditations, self-healing, energy healing, & mindfulness

· Tuning into your own intuitions through discussions and activities

· Talks on a variety of subjects such as astrology, crystals, the law of attraction, dream interpretation, numerology and others (if there is a specific topic you're interested in, we welcome requests and encourage participation)

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Full Moon Sound Healing Circle

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