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Sick and Tired of Getting Bad Math Grades?

Your Teacher is not explaining where you can comprehend?

Nervous and scared to take that entrance exam because you might not
do good on the math portion?

Taking a City, State, Federal or Military Test?

Hello and Welcome to The Math Tutoring Tribe!

We are a tribe of expert tutors with over 100 years of educating and tutoring students on all academic levels and all grades (K- Graduate School). Children/Minors MUST be accompany by a parent, guardian or someone of at least 18 years of age. Families are invited. Friends are Invited, Neighbors are Invited, Your Relatives are Invited, Your Co-Workers are Invited. Click the Join button Now, right there!

The Math Tutoring Tribe is here because too many students are failing their math classes, leaving the math classroom in mental chaos, getting low grades, experiencing mathematical confusion while doing homework, wanting not to ever deal with any discipline that requires math, sometimes ruining their future or stopping them from getting into a good school. The Math Tutoring Tribe is here to STOP that! But there is something you have to do, JOIN The Tutoring Math Tribe, right now click that JOIN button.

So, Who Is The Math Tutoring Tribe For?

*Anyone taking a math class

*Anyone taking any entrance exam

*Any student wanting pass their math class or improve their grade's

*Anyone sick and tired of being defeated by mathematics

*Anyone who needs Educational Coaching (Anything related to getting an
education, problems, challenges, questions, help with navigating through the
educational system, dealing with ruthless teachers or unhelpful school
administrators and principles, needing to learn how to prepare for college,
choosing the best schools, how to prepare when transitioning from one school
to another, being cheated out of your grade and anything else)

* Anyone needing Academic Encouragement, Inspiration, Motivation to go back or
to finish School. You can Do it, Yes you CAN!

*Anyone needing to learn how to effectively Take Notes – Note Taking Skills

*Anyone needing to acquire how to study - Study Skills

*Anyone who wants to learn Test Taking Strategies for any type of Test/Exam/Final
(Class, Entrance Exam Professional, State Exams) – Test Taking Skills

*Anyone who wants to learn to how to be organized (Note, Class, Dates, Deadlines)
and stay organized - Organizational Skills

WE Can Help You or Your Son or Your Daughter, But You Have to Join, so just Click that button.

How do The Math Tutoring Tribe Get you to Learn Math:

1. We must access what went wrong and where did you get lost/lose interest or if you
understood anything at all (assessment)

2. We prepare your mind to receive by 1st dealing with how you feel about
math, adding positive thoughts and faith that you can do it, no matter how many
years you have been struggling with math or how many times your failed. You ARE
A. Then we deprogram/remove all of your negative experiences

3. We are hands on and face -to- face, working with you to close your math gaps in
A. ONE-to-ONE Individualized Tutoring. (One tutor per student is the best
approach, we do not participate in group tutoring or will ever hand you a
packet to learn on your own. You never ever have to worry about sharing
your tutoring space and that is a promise
B. Re-teach the math theory or concept in a very simplicity way with Raw
Relate-able and memorable examples
C. The Math Tutoring Tribe will analyze your Study, Notes and Test Taking

4. Expected Results
A. We are known for turning academic challenges to academic achievements
B. If you follow our strategy and do as we ask, then you will definitely
achieve your desired grade that you wished for. You can easily go from an "F" to
a "B" or even an "A", If you have a "C", you easily achieve an "A"
C. Of course, every student’s learning curve is different so this is a factor as well
D. If you are taking an entrance exam, we expect you to get the highest score
achievable. Yes, You Can!
E. The Math Tutoring Tribe holds each and every student accountable and expect
each student to excel. NO EXCUSES AND NO PITY PARTIES!
F. At the end of the Academic Year we will give you a Math Tutoring Tribal Party,
acknowledging all Milestones with a Certificate of Achievement

Since you read this far we know, you are feeling pretty good about The Math Tutoring Tribe.

The second important thing to do is to come to the The Tribal Orientation, for this it is FREE and does not cost you a penny. Here you will gain more information and how we can help your specific math needs, how you can get FREE tutoring and More. Tutoring fees do apply.

Count your math issues a done deal, washed away with the ocean FOREVER! The Math Tutoring Tribe will not have it any other way! See yourself getting the grade your dream Grade regardless, the tribe is here for you.

You Can’t Fail! You Have to Pass! And More than That! The Math Tutoring Tribe want you to get a Good Score or a Good Grade! Failing Math or Getting a Low Score Is Not An Option! Never Was & Never Will Be! At The Math Tutoring Tribe.

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Get That "A" in Math

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Get That "A" in Math

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Panera Bread in Boca Park

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