What we're about

The word Adventure stems from 'Aventure', meaning 'that which happens by chance'.

Creative Adventures is aimed at creating synergy among a group of people, through adventure, to produce creative, positive, memorable occasions. Our adventures inspire 'chance' outcomes because the people joining are exploring the new, they're open minded and therefore naturally open to luck, fortune, coincidence or a good story to take home.

We keep it simple - most of the time - our adventures are the kind of thing you could do on a Sunday morning.

We create well rounded occasions, where people can meet and try out something unusual.

There's absolutely no set stereotype, we prefer people to come from all walks of life, just bring a few of these qualities..

If you are:
Open minded
Up for it
Enjoy a laugh
Laid back
Looking for something new
Want to be part of a group
Or even a total fruit loop

You'll fit right in.

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