Joshua Tree: Arch Rock and more

This is a past event

32 people went

Location image of event venue


(Picture is from Stellarium, showing us where the core will be at midnight)

Meeting Area:
Metro Park & Ride - $2 to Park
255 Pomona Blvd. Los Angeles, CA
(I had trouble with the Address so here's the address to the gas station across the street as a secondary. Chevron - 250 S Atlantic Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90022)

I will be driving and can take 3 people comfortable or 4 semi-comfortable. Please message me if you can offer up to drive and bring people. For people who will be carpooling, I ask that you please give $5-$10 gas money to the driver to even out the cost.

Dinner at Denny's:
We have a tradition of eating dinner at Denny's outside of the park. Eat enough to keep you filled for hours as we'll be out there for a few hours. I usually fill up my thermo with coffee to have hot coffee inside the park.

Joshua Tree:
After moonset/new moon it gets very very dark. Please be familiar with navigating the settings on your camera at night. The location where we'll set up is not too far into the park but far enough from light pollution. The trail goes from sandy to rocky to gravel at random so bring good trail shoes. There is 0 reception but a good idea would be to download offline maps using the google app. A few people that went did that and it was great to simply go explore without fear of getting lost. There are lots of creatures roaming around like beetles, mice/rats? small scorpions, lizards, and mosquitos. Bring bug spray. I think total walking will probably be around 3 miles.
I have 4 long range radio walkie-talkie's that will be distributed to a few to keep in contact at all times. I'll also drop glow sticks every intersection or long distance to keep it visible for the way back. Depending on the number of people that go, we may split up the group so that there aren't too many in one area. Doing this will allow for the smaller groups to focus on their shots with less light interruption. No matter where the groups split up to, the walkie talkies will keep us in contact, they are 55-mile long range talkies.

Clouds: TBD
High 104˚/Low 73˚
54% Humidity
Sunset: 8pm
Moonset: 5:12pm

Camera Gear to Bring:
Shutter release remote (optional)
Extra Batteries

Other Items to Bring:
Warm Clothing
Head Lamp
Beach chairs
Thermo travel mug for coffee/tea
Bug Repellant

info on Joshua tree: