Women of Worth Workshop with Cath Valentine & Healing Spaces


Are you battling with self-doubt and low self-confidence?

Self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-compassion are crucial in all areas of life. Not only in our careers and social lives but also our health and well-being.

Yet, all too often, as women, we struggle in this area, whether it’s constantly criticising our bodies, doubting our abilities, or being too hard on ourselves.

Wouldn't you like to wake up in the morning felling motivated and inspired, filled with energy, enthusiasm and gratitude for the life you are living?

This workshop will teach you what it really means to have a healthy self-esteem (it may not be quite what you think) and a step-by-step exploration of how to build more self-love and self-compassion in all areas of your life.

Low self-esteem and self-worth can cause us many problems in life from the way we interact with our friends and family, how we perform in our work, even the way we raise our children.

We go through life expending so much energy on proving our worth that we end up feeling depleted, fed up and guilty all at the same time.

There is a better way and it starts with your relationship with yourself...

The workshop will cover:
WHAT does self-esteem really mean? | Introductions, definitions & foundations.
WHO am I? | Exploring identity & the masks we wear.
WHERE do I begin and end? | Tools for boundary setting and building self-discipline.
HOW to forgive | Self-compassion and self-love.
WHEN will I start seeing the change? | Setting personal goals and accountability for change

The workshop cost is R950 including snacks, light lunch & materials.

Space is limited to 8 participants.

Booking is essential - please email [masked] for enquiries and to book your place.