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Webcast to Watch Transformational Channeling - Samuel
Please join us on the first Sunday of every month, in a webcast, to listen to “Samuel,” a nonphysical energy being who works with and through Lea Schultz in a process he calls Transformational Channeling. The webcast link is at The webcast begins at 5:15 p.m. ET with a prerecorded message, and switches to the live meeting when Samuel joins us. This is usually around 5:20 p.m. ET. Meetings vary in length but seldom go beyond 6:45 p.m. Samuel is the embodiment of love and wisdom. His work is about helping us remember what we truly are so we can become the high-frequency Beings of Light and Love we are meant to be. Samuel provides practical teachings to fast track the releasing of fears and sorrows and to learn to move into the heart-centered life we are meant to live. To find out more about Samuel, please go to

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We are a metaphysically centered group of people focused on practical spirituality in our everyday lives.
With “living love” as a guiding principle, we study and practice the teachings of Samuel, an energy channeled by Lea Schultz. “Samuel is pure, unlimited energy, an intelligence that has communicated through Lea since 1984, working in the energy of those in his presence to assist them in their spiritual development.”

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