What we're about

Aligning engineering and the business; using non-dogmatic light-touch solutions to maximise impact on the business goals.

What we're about:
How can we have high-performing teams that deliver true business impact? How can we understand the problem, build the right thing, and build it right? Our starting position is that it shouldn't require high-ceremony processes, frameworks or certifications. Let's meet to answer these questions. Topics will range broadly over people, processes and technologies. Our philosophy is non-dogmatic, but runs with ideas that were the seeds of the agile, lean, continuous improvement movements including: cross-functional teams, focussing on the value, fast feedback enabling learning, short iterations, individual empowerment.

Our events:
Our talks aim to include a broad range of topics related to how engineering delivers business impact effectively. Expect two to three speakers each meetup, and please get in touch if you feel you have a talk on something that could be of interest. We don't have the answers but we want to discuss the questions in an open setting with a diverse set of people. We want to help foster debate and build a community of people focussed on aligning business and engineering, and taking light-touch approaches to delivering impact effectively.

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