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Journey of parenting does not start when the child is born. It starts with our own birth.
Based on our own development as a human being the parental instinct gets nurtured within us. Unless our own physical, intellectual and emotional development is complete, parenting a child can be very frustrating for both parents and child. And without proper social development, we cannot nurture our little ones into being socially responsible adults.

Among all the species, human beings require maximum period of parenting time. The reason is that for leading a happy and fulfilled life, just learning to survive and procreate is not enough. It is essential to have our emotional and social developments complete to experience fulfillment in life, which takes a longer time to evolve. Well-developed human beings not only live joyfully but also create stable societies. This happens only through culturing in an aware, happy and loving family and educational environment. Atmosphere of insecurity, competition, stress, aggressiveness, fear etc. cannot nurture evolved human beings.

Parents play crucial role in creating and maintaining this environment. A child observes parents closely and learns from what he/she sees. A parent has to play the role of friend, care taker, educator, and many more throughout the course of child’s life. In short a parent has to play God. A parent must also be an inspiring role model for the child to evolve into being a fine human being.
And to be able to do this efficiently and effortlessly, a parent must understand the Spirit of parenting!

Unfortunately, despite the fact that a parent’s role is so important in building a stable society, absolutely no systematic parenting training is given to us in our education or upbringing. In olden days, in the joint family structures children used to learn basics of parenting from watching their siblings growing up or by taking care of younger siblings at least. But in modern nuclear family structure even that training is missing. This makes the journey of parenting tough and full of challenges. The real joy of parenting gets lost in the process.

But no more!

The enlightened educator and spiritual master of the 21st century, Poojya Guruji Rishi Prabhakar, brings to the modern world the great ancient knowledge of birthing and effortlessly raising extraordinary children.

The Joyful Parenting is the systematic and scientific study program, which trains parents to develop babies from the time of conception till they become 7 in all higher aspects of human evolution.

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