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Moving Meditation with Paint
This class is a unique experience for personal health, development and growth. It is Not Required to have any art or painting skills. This meditation is more like a moving meditation or visualization. We use paint as the tangible manifestation of the inner journey we go through, so it is a tool only and not about expressing something beautiful the external world would label as art. However! The side benefit that happens when we connect to our truth, have deep powerful aha’s, release misconceptions about ourselves and our pain, and then externalize these empowering realizations about our true selves is… we just can’t help but create beauty in the physical world…. Because that is who we truly are. ***The materials are included with the $15*** Bio Cin Harvey has spent a lifetime as an artist, as well as using the artistic process of creating therapeutically. She has been a working artist for 20+ years but spent her early years in holistic health, and the healing arts fields learning a wide variety of tools and techniques. It was those experiences which strongly influenced her belief in the value of personal growth and spirituality. She trusts that these early experiences later became a saving grace when found facing difficult and painful life circumstances, such as, simultaneously taking care of both her mother and sister during their battle with breast cancer which ultimately led to their transitions just a year apart from each other. She has a degree in fine arts and is certified in Jikiden Reiki , Hypnosis, SCT Coaching, Theta Healing, EFT tapping techniques, Crystal Healing and has experience in many other modalities of color, sound and energy healing concepts.

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This group is for anyone wanting to experience their infinite potential. To explore and share opportunities of being fully present..
The group intention is to create and experience the most amazing version of ourselves, and to create more moments of the peace and balance we all so desire. We will explore and share powerful tools for dramatically improving the quality of our lives. We will explore and design results that are real and tangible experiences of our true confidence and empowerment.
We are already perfect and powerful and we spend our lives searching to experience that which we promptly forget we already truly are.

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