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Greetings all *BEAUTIFUL, sexy, *BOUJEE, *FASHION-conscious, *ambitious, *free-spirited women! This group is for women who values/lives a luxurious lifestyle and is selective with her personal company and space. Obviously, that does not apply to all.

I envision the sophisticated, eye-dropping women seeking to get together with women who share the same interests and personality types. Kinda of like ‘Basketball wives’ or ‘Real Housewives of ________ ‘But without the drama. Just fun vibes, and positivity.

In this era, The Kim K’s, Amber Rose, Clermont Twins run tings. Meaning women who are attractive, stylish, sexually confident, smart, fun and business-minded with a passion for living their best lives. They also defy society’s societal expectations ,create their own rules and live by them.

All ethnicities ,nationalities, backgrounds are welcome. *Just please no morally judgmental/self-righteous women not working to improve their overall quality of life*. DO JOIN if you’re TRULY longing to make NEW FRIENDS and connect with like-minded women of Southern California*

Let’s form meaningful connections ,motivate one another and live our best lives babes.

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Catalina island

Catalina Island

Have you all been to the beautiful Catalina which is right off the coast of Southern California? It’s just a one hour boat ride. There are several different points of destinations such as Long Beach, San Pedro and Dana Point. I’m departing from the Long Beach port, whoop whoop Tickets are only $74.59 round trip I plan to depart at 12:15 pm and return at 6:15 pm. ****** This is the link to purchase: https://www.catalinaexpress.com/schedule-fares.html ****** While there ( or even before ), you may sign up for one of several island tours, do a thrill seeking activity such as zip-lining, or enjoy delicious cuisine, indulge on a delicious cocktail and stroll around alongside the locals!

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Venice beach

Venice Beach

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